This website will also give us a chance to share our journey with you and shed some light on who we are as individuals, who we are as a couple, and how "Rickey" Payton proposed.  We’ve also included photos of us, our family and friends.  Enjoy!


Scripture Readings!
We trust You to build us walls of security. When the winds of trouble blows, seeking
to enter through cracks in the plaster,
our hearts will be secure and we will
have no fear (Psalms. 112:8)

Even on stormy days peace will dwell within our walls (Psalms. 122:7)

We humbly ask You to be our Honored Guest and to dwell with us all the days
of our lives (Revelation. 3:20)

"Wedding Song"
I Believe In You and Me

I Believe In You and Me,
I Believe That we will be
in love eternally far as I can see,
you will always be the one for me

I believe in dreams again,
I believe that love will never end

And like the river finds the sea,
I was lost, now I'm free

cuz I believe in you and me


I will never leave your side,
I will never hurt your pride

When all the chips are down,
I will always be around

Just to be right where you are my love, my love


I will never leave you out,
I will always let you in,

To places no one else has ever been,
even so deep, can't you see?

That I believe in you and me.


Maybe I'm a fool to feel the way I do.
but I will play the fool forever

Just to be with you forever.


I believe in miracles,
love's a miracle

and baby you're a dream come true

even so, cant you see?

that I believe in you and me


I was lost, but now I'm free,
 cuz I believe in you and me.


Vernita and Rickey


Welcome to Vernita Ann and Rickey Payton, Sr., Wedding Website

We are very happy that each of you
can share our special day with us. 
This website will serve as a way for
us to update our guests.  You will find information concerning the ceremony, the wedding attendants, the TEAM, 
the reception, our registry and hotel accommodations.


Please browse through the whole website, enjoy our story and sign our guest book, too!


Our Prayer!  As we seek to create a marriage and a home together, we
come to You, our Great Builder, placing
our trust in the plans You have drawn us. For we know that our marriage is good, to
give us hope and an exciting future together.
(Jeremiah 29:11)











































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